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Welcome to Puppy Class! I am your instructor, Lisa Arant, owner of Small and Tall Dog Training and co-owner/lead trainer of Canine Prep School.

If you have any questions or concerns between classes, you can reach me via email: 

Canine Prep School's training center is at 11701 Prices Distillery Rd, Damascus, MD 20872 .

We use positive reward based training in all of our classes at Canine Prep School.

Positive reward based dog training is a way to bond with your dog in ways that don't happen with the punishment or "balanced" training methods.  We never use shock, pinch, or choke collars, intimidation, yelling or force of any kind.  Using only positive reward reinforcement such as treats and play, we teach your dog what you want them to do. Not punish them for what you don't. It is a way for your dog to learn to trust you and vice versa.  It is a way for you to see a side of your dog that you generally wouldn't see without the benefit of positive training.  Once you've learned the basics and developed the skills, you can take it as far as you'd like to go.

This website will have everything you need to follow along with what is taught in class.  For general puppy information such as nipping and such, click on the tab "Now that Puppy's Home". To see specific exercises, click on the tab that says "Training Exercises"

Click here for what you'll need to "Get Ready For Class" .

You will receive a clicker when you come to class.  Positive Training - What Is clicker training?

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