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Let Them Chew!!!  

Puppies have to chew.  It feels good, it's a great boredom buster, AND it helps them burn energy.  Great things for them to chew on are Bully Sticks Horns, and No-Hide Rawhide among other things.      Natural products such as Bully sticks and antlers and jerky treats should only be purchased at the better quality pet supply stores.  And when it comes to chewing, bigger is usually better (safer).

Article - Tame Your Puppy's Inner Alligator by trainer Sarah Stoycos - Puppies Bite, there's no getting around it.  But, there are ways to work with those little land sharks.

House and crate training 

Book - Way To Go! How To Housetrain A Dog Of Any Age by Patricia McConnell Ph.D. - My favorite book for housetraining a dog

Article - House Training your puppy 

Video - Teaching your dog to go into his kennel by trainer Laurie Luck


Preparing your puppy for grooming  (also see Hands?  What are Hands?)

Video - Training a Dog to be More Comfortable with Grooming - How to get your puppy ready for it's first grooming

Blog: Paws To Love

Blog: Paw To Love

The Five Things Our Dogs Want for Christmas. Please enjoy this blog by Patricia McConnell, Phd, author of The Other End Of The Leash and others!

Article - Forget About Being Alpha In Your Pack! by Kathy Sdao

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